Thursday, 14 December 2017

The British Medical Journal is suddenly back in fashion at the BBC!

If you rely on the BBC for the majority of your news coverage you won't have heard about the damning British Medical Journal study linking Tory austerity dogma with 120,000 excess deaths already since 2010 because the BBC outright refused to cover it.

The BBC excuse for not covering the findings of the study at all was that the evidence was supposedly not reliable enough, and that the public are just too thick to understand explanations of the caveats in the peer reviewed study.

The BBC attitude was that it's better to just bury the report completely than try to explain it in its proper context: Screw the fact that the study is appearing in one of the most respected peer-reviewed magazines in the world. Screw the fact that the study was produced by academics from several of the world's most respected universities (Oxford, Cambridge, University College London). It'll look bad for the Tories, and it'll look bad for us because we've allowed all of their economically illiterate austerity dogma to go unchallenged all these years, so let's just keep this from the public.

The BBC didn't count on the growing influence of independent media. They didn't count on the fact that their efforts to bury the story created ideal "what the BBC don't want you to know" clickbait headlines. They didn't count on independent media digging into the details of the dodgy "independent" advisory group that the BBC claim advised them to provide no coverage of the story whatever to find that they're bankrolled by the pro-Tory Daily Mail and the British government themselves!

The story flared up from "people are dying because of Tory austerity dogma" into the much bigger and more sinister story that "people are dying because of Tory austerity dogma and the BBC are deliberately hiding the fact from the public".

Perhaps executives at the BBC didn't realise how much damage they've done to their own reputation with a cover-up like this? Perhaps they didn't realise that huge numbers of people are disgusted that they decided to act more like PR agents for the Tory party than an impartial public service broadcaster? Perhaps they've just forgotten about it and hoped it went away?

Well it certainly seems like the case because the British Medical Journal are suddenly back in fashion at the BBC thanks to an (actually rather interesting) article about the increasing size of wineglasses in the UK over the Centuries.

I have my doubts that the BBC subjected the BMJ wine glass study to the same critique as the BMJ deadly austerity study last month in order to check for caveats and possible misunderstandings in order to spike the story completely, but then the wine glass story doesn't paint a damning picture of the Tory government and the mainstream media hacks who abjectly failed to properly hold them to account over the appalling consequences of their actions, so why on earth would they?

As interesting as the wineglass story is, it's clearly an absolutely damning indictment of the BBC that they think that there's somehow of more public interest in wine glass sizes than a study linking the deaths of 3,000 people per month for five punishing years with Tory austerity dogma.

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The 5 unsung Labour heroes of the Amendment 7 vote

Much credit has been given to the 11 Tory MPs who joined forces with the opposition parties to defeat Theresa May's authoritarian scheming by bravely voting in favour of Amendment 7 to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, but there are five unsung heroes on the Labour benches too.

Of course the Tory "Mutineers" led by former Attorney General Dominic Grieve deserve credit for having put country above party for once. 

They'll obviously always be tainted by their numerous votes in favour of imposing ruinous Tory austerity dogma that has done so much damage to the British economy, public services, workers' wages, and productivity, as well as severely retarding the nation's future economic potential through the lowest levels of infrastructure investment in the developed world. However they definitely deserve credit for doing something right for a change, and standing up for the principle of parliamentary sovereignty, especially given the torrent of abuse they knew they'd suffer at the hands of the Daily Mail and the extreme-right for daring to do the right thing.

The five unsung heroes on the Labour benches are Dennis Skinner, Graeme Morris, Ronnie Campbell, John Mann and Roger Godsiff.

As you may already know, these are all pro-Brexit Labour MPs, but they all made the important distinction between backing Theresa May's objective of turning Brexit into an anti-democratic power grab, and conducting Brexit in a democratic manner.

Their ability to make this distinction between an authoritarian Tory Brexit and a Brexit conducted in a democratic manner led them to vote alongside the majority of their Labour colleagues, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Lib-Dems and Caroline Lucas of the Green Party to curtail Theresa May's anti-democratic authoritarian tendencies.

The vote was won 309-305 meaning that without the votes of these five pro-Brexit MPs the amendment to ensure a proper democratic vote on the final Brexit deal would have been defeated, which would have allowed Theresa May and a tiny cabal of hard-right Tories to conduct the Brexit negotiations purely for their own self-interest, with nobody to hold them to account.

These guys deserve a lot of credit for seeing beyond the outrageously polarised Brexiteer vs Remainer political tribalism and voting for what is actually right, rather than voting tribalistically with their fellow Brexiteers on the Tory benches. 

In fact two of the pro-Brexit Labour MPs (Kate Hoey and Frank Field) actually voted with the Tories and the DUP to back Theresa May's authoritarian and anti-democratic interpretation of the Brexit mandate, but thankfully they were outnumbered by the five pro-Brexit Labour MPs with enough sense and respect for democracy to support Amendment 7.

The sad thing is that if the Tory party wasn't so full of spineless Tory MPs who just did as they were told by the whips and traipsed through the lobby to support Theresa May's anti-democratic interpretation of the Brexit mandate, this vote wouldn't have even been even remotely close.

The reality of the situation is that nobody who respects democracy or the principle of parliamentary sovereignty can possibly justify voting against an amendment to ensure that whatever Brexit outcome Theresa May and David Davis cobble together is subject to a democratic vote.

So you may well disagree with the pro-Brexit stance of these five Labour MPs, but you've got to admit that at least they're principled about it. They want Britain to leave the EU, but unlike their Brexiter bretheren in the Tory party these five want it done in an open and democratically accountable manner.

The final Brexit deal will be subject to a vote in the European Parliament, and then ratification by the 27 national parliaments of the remaining EU states. It would have been beyond ridiculous if Britain was the only country involved in the Brexit negotiations to not have a democratic parliamentary vote on the final deal, but that's the situation Theresa May, the majority of the Tory party and the DUP bigots voted for.

As absurd as it is that the vote was as close as 309-305 in favour of defending democracy, it's clear that without the contributions of these pro-democracy Brexiter Labour MPs (and the "mutineer" Tory MPs who got the bulk of the publicity) Amendment 7 would have failed, and the wannabe-tyrant Theresa May would undoubtedly have taken its failure as a mandate to avoid having any kind of democratic vote on the final terms of the Brexit agreement whatever.

So if you're opposed to a secretive and anti-democratic Tory Brexit concocted by a tiny cabal of hard-right Tory politicians, take a moment to remember that five Labour Brexiteers played a massive role in preventing that horrifying scenario from coming true.

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Where is the mainstream media condemnation of the extremist blue-kip takeover of the Tory party?

Remember when Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader and the mainstream media had an absolute fit over it? Remember when the hundreds of thousands of new Labour Party members he attracted were continually smeared by the press as "infiltrators" and "entryists"? 

Then there was the way that any talk of democratising the Labour Party from within was described as if democratic re-selection of MPs was some kind of terrifying ideological "purge", rather than a means of actually holding them to account for their actions.

And the way that everyone involved from Corbyn all the way down to the hundreds of thousands of Labour members and supporters who voted for him were repeatedly smeared as "extremists".

Despite all of this rhetoric Corbyn's election and re-election as Labour leader were actually fantastic demonstrations of grass roots democracy in action. 

An out-of-touch clique of right-wing Labour MPs plotted to get rid of him in the summer of 2016, but ordinary Labour voters unified behind Corbyn because they want a proper party of democratic socialism, not another feeble austerity-lite imitation of the Tory party. 

However the mainstream press didn't present it that way at all. Instead they created the narrative that Corbyn represented some kind of terrifying extremist take-over of the Labour Party by a disgusting horde of dangerously left-wing extremists, then they pushed this warped version of events as hard as they damned well could (from the rabid right Daily Mail all the way through to the faux-left Guardian).

The truly incredible thing is that the United Kingdom is now witnessing a very real extremist takeover of a major political party, yet the mainstream press absolutely refuse to portray it in the same terms as their fantastical narratives about "entryism", "extremism", "infiltrators" and "purges" they concocted over the Labour revival under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Theresa May has taken an extreme and belligerent approach to Brexit from the beginning. She's repeatedly shown contempt for parliamentary sovereignty, and the rule of law. Again and again she's tried to bypass parliament and to conduct the Brexit process in the most secretive and unaccountable manner possible.

She's also tried to appeal to the basest instincts of the hard-right Blue-kip demographic who abandoned the absolute wreckage of UKIP in order to mindlessly follow her because she's waving the Brexit flag she so opportunistically nicked off actual Brexiteers when it suited her career interests to do so.

Ever since her vanity election backfired Theresa May has demonstrably been a hostage of the most fanatical elements of the Tory-DUP coalition she's cobbled together.

The faction of her own party that has the most sway over her has clearly been the hard-right Europhobes who see Brexit as a brilliant opportunity to trash workers' rights, consumer protections, food standards, environmental regulations, parliamentary sovereignty and literally anything else that might get in the way of their dream of a terrifyingly hard-right Tory hegemony.

Then there's the DUP bigots who took their £1 billion bribe, and have then proceeded to demonstrate that they're in absolute control, and that May can't do anything on Brexit without their approval first.

And then there was the Amendment 7 rebellion. 11 Tory MPs defied Theresa May and voted with the opposition parties in order to ensure that the final Brexit deal is subject to parliamentary approval before it becomes law.

The howls of outrage over this rebellion in defence of parliamentary sovereignty were extraordinary. The one "mutineer" who held an official position in the party (Stephen Hammond) was revenge sacked immediately, and there were soon calls for all of the "rebel" MPs to be thrown out of the party and banned from ever standing as Tory MPs again.

Contrast this extreme Tory intolerance of dissent with the Labour left's calls for democratic re-selection of Labour MPs and it's extraordinary to see the latter situation was greeted with screams of "purge, purge, purge" while this brazen Tory display of intolerance towards dissent barely elicits a murmur of mainstream media commentary!

Then there's the fact that this abusive and intimidatory atmosphere towards pro-democracy Tory MPs has been nurtured by the outside group Leave.EU, which is the propaganda outlet of the extreme Brexiteer and UKIP donor Arron Banks.

Just consider the concerted mainstream media campaign of demonisation against the internal ans accredited Labour campaign group Momentum, and contrast it with the absolute silence on the powerful grip Arron Bank's dodgy extreme-right propaganda outfit is exerting over the Tory party.

It's obvious to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention that the Tory party is being usurped by an extreme-right anti-democratic faction right in front of our eyes, yet the mainstream press won't even describe it for what it is, let alone launch into the kind of hyperbolic language that is very much more appropriate now than when they used it to fearmonger about the rejuvenation of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Listen up Theresa, you don't actually need a dick to be a misogynist

Theresa May has resorted to a crude display of dick-counting in order to score cheap political points against Labour. She was trying to make the absurd case that because she's a woman and Jeremy Corbyn is a man, the Tories are somehow more female-friendly than Labour.

The glaring problem for Theresa May and her Tory colleagues is that they have repeatedly voted in favour of imposing ruinous austerity dogma on the British economy. Not only does Tory austerity dogma (or deliberate under-investment as it could also be described) provably cause vast amounts of social and economic damage in general, but 86% of the burden of it has been loaded onto the shoulders of women from poor and ordinary women.

The reality is that Theresa May and her Tory mates are the misogynists who believe in economically punishing millions of women from poor and ordinary backgrounds for the reckless gambling of the wealthy (and mainly male) bankers who trashed the global economy and caused the soaring UK budget deficit in the first place.

On the other hand Labour and Jeremy Corbyn want to scrap the Tories' ruinous and discriminatory austerity agenda, and implement numerous policies that would benefit women across the UK too. For example the Labour policy of a £10 minimum wage would benefit millions of women, because the vast majority of workers earning poverty pay are female.

So while Theresa May and her elitist Tory chums focus on cock-counting to score cheap political points as they simultaneously discriminate against women from the 'lower orders', Jeremy Corbyn has come up with policies to actually help ordinary women who aren't lucky enough to earn £142,500 a year like Theresa May does. The kind of women who aren't wealthy enough to totally insulate themselves from the devastating consequences of Tory austerity fanaticism that are suffered every day by women outside the wealthy establishment class.

The simple truth of the matter is that you don't actually have to have a dick to be an outrageous misogynist, and possession of a penis doesn't disbar you from fighting for women's rights either.

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The Tories and DUP are plotting to use Brexit as an excuse to tamper with democracy in Scotland and Wales.

Remember when the Brexit campaigners told us all that voting Leave would give the Tory party (and their uber-nationalist DUP mates) the pability to amend the powers of the Scottish parliament and the Welsh Assembly with no democratic oversight of their actions whatever?

No. Me neither.

Well on the evening of December 12th 2017 the Tories and their DUP backers/puppet-masters joined forces to defeat Amendment 158 to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill by 315 votes to 291.

Amendment 158 sought to prevent the Westminster government from misusing the powers they were awarding themselves to amend EU derived laws in order to undermine the powers of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.

This safeguard is vitally important because there are plenty in the Tory and DUP ranks who would dearly love to restrict the power of the devolved parliaments, if not scrap them altogether. 

All 13 of the Tory MPs representing Scottish seats voted with the government to let them keep the power to alter or revoke devolved powers from their own national parliament without any parliamentary scrutiny of what they are actually up to!

Unless you follow SNP or Plaid Cymru politicians on Twitter you will have heard very little about this vote because the mainstream media have decided to completely ignore it.

Ignoring such a significant constitutional matter is bizarre enough in its own right, but this media silence is quite simply extraordinary given that this contentious vote occurred on the very same day that the entire corporate mainstream media erupted in an explosion of anti-Facebook fury over weeks old comments from a disgruntled former Facebook employee!

The corporate media will go into a frenzy of churnalism over ex-employee attacks former employer comments from weeks ago, but not one of them will even bother to explain the details of the Brexit legislation the Tories are currently ramming through parliament with the support of their fanatical DUP backers/puppet-masters?

If we look back to the whole debacle over English Votes for English Laws, the hypocrisy of the Tory party is truly revealed. They voted to ban Scottish Westminster MPs from voting on anything they define as an "English law", but when it comes to Brexit, they've voted to allow English government ministers to use Brexit as an excuse to redefine or even scrap the powers of the Scottish parliament!

Of course a significant percentage of Brexit voters were the kind of hard-right tabloid-addled little Englanders who actually take Nigel Farage's ravings seriously, but a hefty percentage never were.

However it should be obvious to all by now that Brexit is being dictated by the hard-right fringe of the Tory party, and you couldn't really get a more callous and opportunistic bunch than that lot. If they see an opportunity to use Brexit as an excuse to reduce the political power of Scottish and Welsh voters then of course they're going to try to take it.

Even if Brexit wasn't solely an exercise in anti-democratic Little Englanderism before the referendum result came in, this vote to scrap Amendment 158 shows that it certainly is now.

The Tories are already determined to use Brexit as an excuse to rewrite thousands of UK laws with no democratic scrutiny whatever, and their vote against Amendment 158 is proof that they're keen on rewriting the laws that established and defined the devolved Scottish and Welsh parliaments, and doing that without any democratic scrutiny too.

The direction of travel is absolutely obvious, and anyone (regardless of their views on the EU) who continues to support the profoundly anti-democratic and increasingly British-nationalist approach the Tories are taking to Brexit surely forfeits their right to consider themselves a supporter of democracy.

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Daily Mail is accusing others of divisiveness!

The Daily Mail is a hateful and divisive hard-right propaganda rag that deliberately stokes divisions in society in order to deflect criticism away from the mega-rich establishment class (like their tax-dodging billionaire owner Jonathan Harmsworth, and the Tory political establishment they promote so relentlessly).

So it's particularly ironic to see the Daily Mail run a front page splash about how Facebook is supposedly "ripping society apart".

Anyone with a few brain cells to rub together knows that the main purpose of the Daily Mail is to rip society apart as much as possible in order to prevent solidarity forming between the lower orders, because they know as well as we do that if the British people actually stood together for once and demanded change, the tiny self-serving cabal of establishment elitists would be powerless to stop us because we massively outnumber them.

So they divide and divide and divide. They continually stoke hatred of immigrants, Muslims, single mothers, the unemployed, 
refugees, students, judges, public sector workers, Millenials, academics, and anyone who expresses even remotely left-wing or liberal ideas.

The central purpose of the Daily Mail is to continually divide society, yet here they are damning Facebook for "ripping society apart" on their front page on the very same day that Rupert Murdoch's biggest propaganda rag launched their own front page attack on Twitter.

Once we see this front page Daily Mail attack on Facebook as part of a concerted mainstream media campaign against social media, we get to the main point of it.

The Daily Mail hate Facebook and other forms of social media because they give a voice to other people. Social media gives a voice to people like me to point out what a vile extreme-right propaganda rag the Daily Mail is; their history of promoting fascism and praising Adolf Hitler; their support for modern day fascists like Norbert Hoffer in Austria, their contempt for democracy and the rule of law; their call for Jeremy Corbyn to be killed just weeks after Jo Cox was murdered in the street, the fact they've been banned from Wikipedia as an unreliable source; the racist, sexist and homophobic attitudes they continually promote; and the way they regularly ridicule the credulity of their own damned readers.

Despite being one of the most hateful and divisive publications in Britain, there are many at the Daily Mail who actually consider themselves to be the rightful gatekeepers of public discourse. So it fills them with impotent rage that social media is allowing other people to express dissenting opinions, and undermine the enormous power and influence of the right-wing billionaire press barons they work for.

Of course Facebook and Twitter are not perfect. Anyone who has ever ventured into the extreme-right Britain First hate chamber will know the kind of terrifying depravity that these companies host on their sites, yet the extreme-right, immigrant-hating, anti-Muslim, ultra-nationalist hate fest that is Britain First is simply a purer distillation of the hatred that Daily Mail hacks have spent decades deliberately stoking.

The Daily Mail can't really be angry at the existence of hatefests like Britain First, other than for the fact that they're stealing the target audience of hate-filled, extreme-right, white supremacist halfwits they've spent decades cultivating for themselves.

This furious front page splash is proof that Facebook and other social media sites are an absolute disaster for the Daily Mail.

Not only does social media provide a platform to decent people to stand up and offer alternatives to the divisive, hard-right, pro-establishment propaganda that the Daily Mail and the rest of the right-wing press churn out on an industrial scale, social media also provides a platform for extreme-right fanatics like the Britain First mob to steal and further-radicalise the Daily Mail's own core audience of angry hate-filled right-wingers.

So social media is undermining the power of the Daily Mail from both ends.

The direction of travel is obvious now. The Internet is breaking down the walled ideological gardens of the past. Only the older generations and the technology averse still turn to a single source like the Daily Mail for their news. Ever more people are obtaining their news from myriad different sources via our social media feeds, which may include the occasional Daily Mail article, but alongside all sorts of other stuff, including independent media pages like this one.

The Daily Mail hacks are like the Luddites who wanted to reverse the industrial revolution by smashing milling equipment. They're furiously decrying social media because they desperately want the social media cake to be unbaked and returned to its neatly segregated ingredients like it was before.

This anti-Facebook headline is another piece of evidence that the right-wing propaganda barons and their mercenary hacks are losing their vice-like influence over British political discourse, and the mix of terror and impotent fury this erosion of influence is provoking in them is an absolute joy to behold.

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Monday, 11 December 2017

Why do so many people who benefited from social mobility now want the ladder kicked down?

As a result of the changes introduced by Clement Attlee's post-war Labour government the 1960s and '70s saw the greatest levels of social mobility the United Kingdom has ever seen.

There was full employment so that pretty much anyone with the desire to work could find a job with at least half decent pay. There were plenty of houses, and even if you couldn't quite afford a house of your own there was an abundant supply of social housing too. If you were academically smart, then university education was free, and it even came with maintenance grants to cover your living costs. If you lost your job or fell ill then the welfare state provided half-decent social security payments to stave off absolute destitution. The legal aid system ensured that the poor and ordinary could have access to decent legal representation so as to tip the scales of justice ever-so-slightly less in favour of the super-rich.

Of course this period was no utopia, and plenty of people still endured poor pay, dangerous working conditions, and discriminatory practices (especially when it came to stuff like sex, race, class and sexual orientation), but since 1979 many of the things that allowed these high levels of social mobility to happen have been deliberately attacked and undermined by the Westminster political class.

  • The current low unemployment figures that right-wingers love to brag about so much are a blatant fix which counts anyone who does just 1 hour a week in a zero hours contract job as employed. Additionally it counts anyone who has been thrown off benefits by zealous job centre staff trying to comply with the sanctions league tables as not being unemployed. Additionally people on unpaid workfare schemes are classed as being employed!

  • Access to legal aid has been trashed so badly that hundreds of thousands of people are being left with no choice but to represent themselves in court, which not only shatters their chances of success, but also wastes vast amounts of time because they simply don't understand the legal processes.
It's completely understandable that the privileged classes and their pals in the Westminster establishment club have worked so hard and for so long to reduce social mobility. After all the beneficiaries of social mobility become rivals to the children of the upper classes. The less social mobility there is, the more unearned opportunities that get handed on a plate to the children of the establishment class.

It's clearly a huge advantage to the children of the establishment class that their peers are lumbered with a lifetime 9% aspiration tax on their disposable income for their university education, while they avoid it because their parents could pay the fees upfront. 

It's beyond obvious that an unaccountable political elite would increasingly selfishly rig society to benefit their own class if they found that they suffered no adverse electoral consequences for doing it (as the New Labour mob found when they first introduced aspiration tax for university students from poor and ordinary backgrounds).

The establishment elitists who rig society to benefit their own class are undeniably the bad guys, but the truly despicable people are those who actually reaped the benefits of social mobility in the 1960s and '70s, who now desperately want to slam the door shut on the younger generations now.

The people who came from poor and ordinary backgrounds and enjoyed the benefits of stuff like social housing and/or affordable house prices, full employment and decent wages, a decent social safety net, legal aid, and free university education, but who now vote in favour of denying these same opportunities to younger generations.

Perhaps some of these people genuinely believe that they achieved it all themselves, and the decent wages, affordable housing, social safety net, legal protections, and access to free university education had nothing to do with it. That's called the self-attribution fallacy, and huge numbers of wealthy people love to imagine that they did it all by themselves.

On the other hand there are plenty who know perfectly well that they benefited from social mobility, but who want to slam the door shut on younger generations for purely self-interested reasons. For example people who benefited from affordable housing in the past know that building more social and affordable housing now would slow down the inflating value of their property portfolios, and reduce the profits from their buy-to-let slumlord empires.

Of course it was hard to avoid voting in favour of attacks on social mobility when Tony Blair and his ilk were running the Labour Party. But now that Labour has a leader who is determined to reverse the trend and begin promoting social mobility again through policies like free education, house building, welfare reform, decent wages, regulation of the private rental market, and a crackdown on exploitative employment practices, there's really no excuse for voting for more Tory class war inspired attacks on social mobility unless you actively oppose social mobility.

The wealthy and privileged establishment club who have spent the best part of four decades rigging British society in favour of themselves and their own are vile self-serving elitists, but the people who actually benefited from social mobility who vote in favour of the Tory war against social mobility are the truly despicable ones.

They're the kind of people who climb the ladder out of the flooding basement, then deliberately kick it down and let others from their own class drown, rather than risk sharing the benefits of not drowning with others.

Even those who have deluded themselves that social mobility is irrelevant and that they achieved everything in life themselves are guilty of class treachery. 

Perhaps they're too deluded to realise that voting in favour of the Tory war against social mobility is an utterly malicious thing to do, but since when was stupidity a defence?

Does the criminal get to avoid jail because he claims to be too stupid to have realised that robbing the Post Office was a crime?

Of course not.

So why on earth should Tory voters who came from poor and ordinary backgrounds get to claim that they're too narrow-minded to understand that it's unspeakably malicious for them to kick the ladder down to prevent younger generations benefiting from the social mobility they themselves enjoyed in the past?

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Toby Young is terrified of losing his place at the Tory trough

After deciding to completely whitewash a British Medical Journal study linking 120,000 excess deaths with Tory austerity dogma just a few weeks ago (because the BMJ are supposedly not a reliable enough source), the BBC decided to give the sneering Tory fanatic Toby Young a platform to spew a load of anti-Labour bile on the Sunday Politics show.

You may remember Toby Young as the hard-right Tory propagandist who led the Tories for Corbyn campaign in 2015 under the spectacularly misguided delusion that a genuinely left-wing Labour leader would destroy the Labour Party and create a permanent Tory hegemony.

Young doesn't seem to have acknowledged his own idiocy in actively promoting Jeremy Corbyn, and neither has he learned the lesson from the 2017 General Election that hyperbolic anti-Labour smears simply don't work anymore.

Young's latest hyperbolic propaganda attack against the Labour left is to compare the grassroots Labour campaign group Momentum with the Britain First hate mob.

Britain First is a disgusting extreme-right BNP splinter group led by a bunch of criminals with multiple convictions for crimes like harassment, criminal damage, and assault, and in June 2016 one of their supporters brutally murdered the MP Jo Cox.

Momentum is a democratic socialist campaign group within the Labour Party that supports Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, and works to promote greater democratic participation.

Britain First have announced all kinds of policies over they years, including extrajudicial lynch mob killings, the introduction of systematic government discrimination in favour of white British people, book-banning, a total ban on abortion regardless of circumstances, the abolition of the right to a fair trial, compulsory Christian indoctrination in schools, the deportation of all refugees, government control of the media, a ban on all Muslims from holding public office, withdrawal from the United Nations and NATO, forced labour schemes, an Orwellian ban on the use of the word "racism", restoration of the death penalty, compulsory national service, an expansion in the sell off of social housing, imitation of Tory austerity dogma, and "repatriation" of British-born people of foreign descent.

Britain First's political tactics involve spreading anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, white supremacist, and anti-intellectual propaganda on social media; providing social media echo chambers for their followers to spread hatred, yearn for fascism, and plot criminal activities; street patrols and mosque invasions; conning donations out of unsuspecting people with honey trap scams like pretending to raise funds for animal welfare issues; turning a murdered British serviceman into a poster boy for an extreme-right ideology his family say he would have abhorred; and ripping off the poppy logo from the Royal British Legion in order to raise funds for their own extremist party.

Momentum support the centre-left policies outlined in the Labour Party manifesto. These include running essential British infrastructure and services (the NHS, Royal Mail, railways, water companies, national grid) as not-for-profit public services; the establishment of a National Investment Bank; treating education as a right that is beneficial to all of society, not a commodity to be sold at the highest possible price; curbs on tax-dodging and excessive boardroom pay; a £10 minimum wage; an end to the systematic abuse of disabled people in the welfare system; and the replacement of ruinous Tory austerity dogma with a sensible investment-based economic strategy.

Aside from supporting the Labour Party manifesto, Momentum also aim to encourage greater political participation and to democratise the Labour Party from within, giving much more power to ordinary Labour members.

So on the one hand you've got a neo-fascist, ultra-nationalist, extreme-right, white supremacist political party with a load of bonkers policies ranging from outright racism and zealotry to keeping the worst elements of Tory fanaticism as they are (austerity dogma, the destruction of social housing, welfare cuts ...), that is run by a bunch of criminals, and supported by a vast online hate mob who openly yearn for fascism and praise acts of extreme-right terrorism.

And on the other hand you've got a group of 23,000 law-abiding citizens from all ages, races and walks of life who promote centre-left economic policies that are commonplace across Europe and the developed world, and work to make the Labour Party more democratic and responsive to the will of its members.

The reason Toby Young wants you to equate this kind of peaceful centre-left democratic socialism with a lawless extreme-right hate mob is that he's one of the big personal beneficiaries of right-wing Tory ideological dogma.

In a spat with the left-wing political commentator Owen Jones over his absurd Momentum/Britain First comparison Young actually patted himself on the back about having set up free schools and bagged a job working as a director of a pseudo-charity called New Schools Network which is designed to siphon cash out of the taxpayer funded education budget in order to stuff it into the pockets of a bunch of "directors" and "advisers" in the form of bloated salaries and advisory fees.

Aside from topslicing cash out of the education budget, Young also earns a pretty penny working as a Tory propagandist for the tax-dodging Barclay Brothers, so he's definitely a man who knows which side his bread is buttered.

Young knows that a democratic socialist government would present a grave risk to parasites like him who gorge themselves on state funds whilst pretending to love capitalism so much.

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to reverse the incremental privatisation of the NHS, establish a National Education Service, and to take heavily-subsidised national industries out of the hands of exploitative private sector profiteers and run them as not-for-profit public services.

This not-for-profit agenda strikes terror into the hearts of Toby and his ilk who believe that they have a God-given right to use government budgets to enrich themselves and their cronies, and to milk the British people for every penny they're worth through exploitative employment practices, rip-off private sector utilities, and the virtually unregulated private sector rental market.

These people are so used to enriching themselves at everyone else's expense that the prospect of more democracy, not-for-profit public services, and a clamp down on tax-dodging seems even more extreme to them than the wanton street thuggery, abolition of women's reproductive rights, state control of the media, religious indoctrination in schools, extrajudicial lynch-mob killings, white supremacism, and all of the other depraved stuff that Britain First promote.

Toby Young and his ilk are nothing more than frightened piggies at the Tory trough, and they're absolutely terrified that a rejuvenated and democratised Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn might actually hinder their absolute gluttony at the expense of the rest of us.

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